Our Mobile Clinic

The Mission of our Mobile Clinic is to make dental care available to all students at their schools. United Community Health Center Dental Program travels to schools in your area to offer dental care for children throughout the school year. School time is very precious, so we only keep the student as long as needed to complete the treatment and send them back to school. We always tray and make this a positive experience and will keep the parent informed through written communication, sent home with their child in their "Dental Goodie Bag," or any service that has been provided. Over the past few years, our Dental Program has been present at the following schools: Sahuarita, Copper View, Anza Trail, Walden Grove, Continental, Sopori, Altar Vally, Robles, and Sycamore/Corona. We also have a NEW Dental Clinic in Green Valley where children can be seen by appointment, even when school is not in session.

How does our Mobile Clinic Program work?

Registration and Consent forms are sent out through your school at the beginning or at the end of the school year for the parent or guardian to fill out and sign. We ask the parent to return these forms to their child's teacher or school nurse and we will then pick them up. If treatment is needed, a form outlining the procedures is sent home to the parent or guardian explaining all the procedures to be done. The consent form needs to be returned with the student for any treatment to begin and they will keep the form in their backpack or book bag until we call them out. With the signed consent, we will see your student during school hours. The parent does not need to be present during the treatment.

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