United Community Health Center’s Prevention oriented approach uses advanced technologies to design a treatment plan that emphasizes the importance of good oral health and the impact on total body health. Our team is committed to the highest quality patient care and holds the belief that affordable dental care should be available to everyone and we offer various payment and financing options. Our compassionate team has a pediatric focus that helps our patients actually enjoy going to the dentist.

We are Breaking the Barriers which commonly prevent patients from receiving needed dental care by our unique approach to bring quality, affordable dental care directly to your children. United Community Health Center offers our mobile dental services which allow children to receive care during school hours eliminating the need for parents to take time off of work. We also offer free transportation to any of our locations.

Fun for Toddlers to Teens! We strive to make every dental visit fun and enjoyable. Your child can watch their favorite cartoon during the check-in process and even during treatment. We encourage your teens to bring in their i-pods or mp3 players so they can enjoy their favorite music during their dental visit. Our team uses fun and games to explain proper tooth brushing to children. We encourage teens to take an active role in their oral health by finding ways to motivate each individual.

Not Just for Kiddies! We welcome patients under 21 to enjoy a stress-free dental visit at any of our offices. Our team empowers our older patients by giving them the knowledge required to make good decisions about thirtieth and gems. Teeth whitening, oral piercings, whatever the topic is, we are up-to-date on the latest trends that may affect oral health. Our team can explain the pros and cons of the of these topics so you can make informed decisions about these matters.

The UCHC Dental Program for Kids is affiliated with the following organizations: American Dental Association, Arizona Dental Association, Southern Arizona Dental Association, National Network for Oral Health Access, and the Mobile Health Clinics Association.

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